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Last update: 2023-11-03
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An image server proxy can be used to resize images for Japanese phones.

URL format

The url format for the IS proxy is very similar to regular IS requests. Any IS modifiers passed to the proxy is passed through to the Image Server. You can find info on the IS modifiers in the HTTP Protocol Reference.



Proxy-specific modifier list

widpercent = <number>

Specifies the percentage of the device's usable width to use as the image width.

heipercent = <number>

Specifies the percentage of the device's usable height to use as the image height.

sizepercent = <number>

Specifies the percentage of the device's Memory Limit Embedded Media property to limit the response size to. This only applies to jpg responses. The quality of the image is lowered until the response size is within the specified percentage.

Embedded image memory limit

If the device has a limit on the size of images that can be embedded on a web page, image size is restricted to that size as long as the response format is jpg. The proxy limits responses to 500MB if the device does not have any limit.

Backend processing

The proxy downloads, verifies, and loads the Device Atlas data file once a day. The verification pulls out different properties for different devices and compares them with expected values before accepting the new data.

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