Mask file path. Relative or absolute path and name for a mask image file associated with this catalog record.

Allows attaching separate masks to images.

The server uses the path resolution rules described in Managing Source Data to find the data file.


Text string value. Optional. If specified, it must be a valid relative or absolute Image Server file path. attribute::DefaultExt is appended if no file suffix is present.

If both a main image ( catalog::Path) and a mask image ( catalog::MaskPath) are defined in a catalog record, both must have exactly the same pixel size. Mask images must be 8-bit grayscale.

mask= in the request overrides catalog::MaskPath.

catalog::MaskPath overrides the alpha channel in the main image ( catalog::Path), if present, and if the alpha channel is unassociated (i.e. not pre-multiplied). If the image alpha is pre-multiplied, catalog::MaskPath is ignored and the alpha channel is always used.



See also

attribute::RootPath , attribute::DefaultExt, catalog::Path, mask=, req=mask

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