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XMP metadata. Returns the XMP metadata associated with the image specified in the request path.


Other commands are ignored. UTF-8 encoding applies. The response is formatted as XML with MIME type text/xml.

The HTTP response is cacheable with the TTL based on catalog::Expiration.


Request attribute. Applies regardless of current layer setting.


If the URL does not include an image path or modifiers, then:

#Mon Jul 25 17:28:32 PDT 2014
copyright=Copyright (c) 1995-2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.

Otherwise, req=img


Query image file properties.

http:// *server*/myPath/myImage.tif?req=imageprops

Query image catalog properties:

http:// *server*/myRootId?req=catalogprops

Access the properties of an image catalog entry from client-side JavaScript embedded in an HTML file:

<script language="JavaScript">
     //req=imageprops populates this object with properties:
     var image = new Object;
<script src="http://server/myRootId/myImageId?req=imageprops,javascript"></script>
     alert("Image Size: " + image.width + " x " + image.height);

Retrieve the mask image for a particular catalog entry, scaled to 25% of the original size:

http:// *server*/myRootId/myImageId?req=mask&scale=0.25

Request an image at one-eighth size:

http:// *server*/myRootId/myImageId?scl=8

This is the same as:

http:// *server*/myRootId/myImageId?req=img&scl=8

Request a thumbnail of an image, relying on the thumbnail attributes specified in the image catalog:

http:// *server*/myRootId/myImageId?req=tmb&wid=64&hei=64

Send a text message to the server logs:

http:// *server*/myRootId?req=message&message=This%20is%20the%20message

See also

fmt= , catalog::Targets, catalog::UserData, Thumbnail Scaling, Properties, Image Maps

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