Save image to file.

req=saveToFile&name= *file*[&timeout= *val*]


Relative path to target image file.


Timeout interval (milliseconds).

Saves the response image to a file on the server instead of returning it to the client.

When the save request completes successfully, the request returns several Java-formatted properties, including the following:

Property Type Description



File creation time (number of milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC/GMT ).



Number of pixels in saved image.



done if successful.

Returns HTTP response status 200 if successful and 403 if the request fails or times out. The response has MIME type text/plain and is not cacheable.

Important Saving to files must be enabled by specifying the path to an existing writeable folder in attribute::SavePath. saveToFile= fails if attribute::SavePath is empty.

file is required and must be a relative path which is combined with attribute::SavePath. Image Serving does not create folders. The target folder must exist on the server and have the appropriate permission settings for Image Serving to create files.

timeout= is optional. The default timeout is 60,000 msec, or whichever value is configured with PS::SaveTimeout.

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