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Layer position.

pos= coord

posN= coordN


Pixel offset from this layer's origin to the layer 0 origin (int, int).


Normalized offset from this layer's origin to the layer 0 origin (real, real).

If there is an image, text, and solid color layers, pos= specifies the position of a layer anchor relative to the layer 0 anchor. The posN= coordinate values are normalized relative to the actual layer 0 rect size.

If there are effect layers, pos= shifts the effect layer relative to the parent layer.

Positive values move the layer towards the right/bottom, and negative towards the left/top. In posN=0.5,0.5, it moves the layer by half the layer 0 width and height down and right.


Layer attribute. Ignored if layer=0 or layer=comp.


posN=0,0. This coordinate places the layer anchor at the same location as the layer 0 anchor if this is an image, text, or solid color layer. Positions an effect layer directly over or under its parent layer.


See Example A in Templates.

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