Adjust image opacity. Allows decreasing the foreground opacity of an image, text, solid color, or effect layer.

opac= *opacity*[, *fillOpacity*]


Primary opacity (0…100 int).


Fill opacity (0…100 int).

The foreground opacity for an image layer is determined by the layer mask or the alpha channel of the image, or, if neither are present, it is 100%. The foreground opacity of a text layer is 100%, and that of a solid color layer is set by color=.

opac= never modifies the opacity of areas filled with color= or bgColor=, except the foreground areas of solid color and effect layers (set with color=).

When specified in an image, text, or solid color layer, opacity applies the entire layer, including all associated effect layers, while fillOpacity applies only to the primary layer contents. When specified in an effect layer, opacity applies to the effect layer, while fillOpacity is ignored.

The effective opacity for the main layer contents is ( opacity * fillOpacity / 100). The effective opacity for effect layers is (main opacity * effect opacity / 100).


Layer attribute. Applies to the current layer or to the composite image if layer=comp.


opac=100,100, for no change in layer opacity.



The text opacity in this example is 90*70/100=63%, and the effect layer opacity is 90*50/100=45%.

See also

color= , bgColor=

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