Image Map Data. Provides image map data for this layer. Overrides any data from catalog::Map for this layer.

map=[ *string*]mapA=[ *stringA*]


Image map data for this layer in layer coordinates.


Image map data for this layer in source image coordinates.

An empty string indicates that this layer should not provide an image map. The string must be properly HTTP-encoded to avoid parsing issues.

All ampersand (&) characters occurring in string must be http-encoded.

While mapA= and catalog::Map specify map data in source image coordinates, map= assumes layer coordinates relative to the top, left corner of the layer rectangle (after rotate= and extend= have been applied).

The output image map is always clipped to the layer rectangle. If the shape attribute is omitted or set to default, the entire layer rectangle is used as the image map area.


Layer attribute. When applied to layer=comp, the specified map data is layered behind all other image maps. Ignored unless req=map. Ignored by effect layers. mapA= is ignored if map= is specified as well.


catalog::Map is used if map= is not specified.


Define a rectangular image map for a simple text layer:


An AREA element with (mostly) default attributes is used to insert the map area for the entire layer rectangle.

See also

Image Maps, req=map

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