Default Reply Image. Specifies the image or catalog entry to be used when an image cannot be found.

defaultImage= *object*


Image object.

object may be either a catalog entry (including a template) or a simple image file path. Useful for substituting missing images with default images. This value overrides the value of the corresponding catalog attribute::DefaultImage. An empty value ( defaultImage=) disables default image handling.


The default image mechanism does not apply to SVG objects. An error is returned if the SVG object specified in the request cannot be found.

If attribute::DefaultImageMode=0, object replaces the entire original request, even if only one image in a multi-image composition is missing. The only commands retained from the original request are: wid=, hei=, fmt=, qlt=.

If attribute::DefaultImageMode=1, object replaces only the missing layer image; attributes for the missing layer are applied and the composite is processed and returned as usual.


Request attribute. Applies regardless of the current layer setting. Ignored if req= is other than img or tmb.


Foreign image sources are not covered by the default image mechanism; an error is returned if a foreign image source is not valid.

Image Serving reverts back to DefaultImageMode=0 when nested Image Rendering or FXG render requests fail.



See also

attribute::DefaultImageMode , attribute:: DefaultImage, src=, object

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