Request type. Specifies the type of request.


Value Description


Returns any errors with rendering the fxg with the provided url modifiers.


Return xml list of all elements with a s7:element attribute value and a list of all pages in the fxg document.


Returns XML list of which <RichText/> elements are overset.

Returns an xml list of <RichText/> elements that are overset for processing on the client side. Only <RichText/> elements that are overset are returned. s7:elementid is a required <RichText/> attribute when using req=oversetstatus. Any overset <RichText/> elements without a s7:elementid is not listed. Each <RichText/> element in the list has the s7:elementid, s7:endCharIndex, and the bounding box of the overset text frame. The s7:endCharIndex attribute indicates the text index in the story up to which text was able to fit in the frame. Req=oversetstatus only applies to <RichText/> elements in the requested FXG. It will not list any <RichText/> elements from any embedded FXGs.



reqId unique request identifier

Returns a single property named catalogRecord.exists. The property value is set to "1" if the specified catalog entry exists in the image or default catalog, otherwise it is set to "0". req=exists requests against the /is/content context will indicate the presence or absence of a specified record in the static content catalog.

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