The settings in this section must be considered only if SVG rendering is required.

SV::SvgHeapSize - SVG Heap Size

The Java heap size for the SVG Renderer. Defaults to “200m” (200 MB).

PS::svgProvider.rootPaths - SVG Data Root Folders

The location of the SVG source data files. It can be one or more absolute file paths or paths relative to install_folder, separated with semicolons. Typically set to the same value as IS::RootPath.

PS::svgProvider.SVGFileSizeLimit - Maximum SVG File Size

Maximum SVG source file size in kBytes. The server returns an error when an attempt is made to render an SVG file which is larger than this limit. The default is 1024 kbytes.

IS::SvgMAxRenderRgnPixels - SVG Output Image Size Limit

It limits the size of images SVGRender can produce. Integer value larger than 0 in millions of pixels. An error is returned if a render operation would exceed the size limit. The default is 4.

PS::svgProvider.port - Platform Server Listening Port

The port used for SvgRender to obtain images from the Platform Server to be embedded in SVG renderings.

Important For correct functioning of the SVGRender component, this configuration option must be set to the same value as TC::PsPort.

PS::svgProvider.fontRoot - SVG Font Files Folder

Specifies where the SvgRender finds the font files needed for rendering SVG text; typically one of the paths specified in IS::RootPaths. Default is install_folder/images.

SVG::SVGRender.port, IS::SVGTcpPort - SVG Communications Port

Configures the port on which the Image Server and the SVGRender component communicate.


For correct functioning of the SVGRender component, the same port number must be specified for SVG::SVGRender.port and IS::SVGTcpPort.

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