Monitoring and alerting system

Last update: 2023-11-03
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Use these server settings to configure the monitoring and alerting system.

AS::monitorAlertGenerator.enableGlobalAlerting - Alerting System Enable

Enable email notification by setting to ‘true’ and configuring the email notification settings. Setting to false turns off all email alerts - this can be useful when taking a server off-line for maintenance. Boolean. - SMTP Host

The IP address of the SMTP email server.

AS::mailSender.port- SMTP Port

The listening port for the SMTP email server.

AS::monitorAlertGenerator.messageTo - Message Recipient

One or more email addresses to which alerts should be sent. Use semicolons as separators.

AS::monitorAlertGenerator.messageFrom - Message Sender

The email address that should be used in the From email field.

AS::monitorAlertGenerator.alertInterval - Monitoring Interval

The monitoring system accumulates alert conditions during the alert interval and send an alert email containing all accumulated alerts at the end of each interval. Milliseconds, integer value, 60000 or larger. Typically set to 5 or 10 minutes.

AS::monitorAlertGenerator.heapSpaceResetInterval - Heap Space Alert Interval

Minimum time after an heap space alert before another one is emitted. Interval time in msec. Integer value, 0 or larger.

AS::monitorAlertGenerator.minTrafficForAlerts - Minimum Traffic to Enable Alerting

Requests per second. No response time and error alerts are emitted if traffic falls below this threshold. Set to 0 to send response time and error alerts regardless of the traffic volume. Real value 0 or larger.

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