Media set responses

The settings in this section apply to the media set responses obtained by req=set modifier.

PS::fvctx.useCatalogRecordValidation - Caching Policy

This property controls the caching policy when determining whether or not set response retrieved from cache needs to be re-generated. If property is disabled, the timestamp of the catalog.ini file is used for validation. If property is enabled, the latest catalog::LastModified timestamp from all referenced records is used for validation.

PS::fvctx.nestingLimit - Nesting Limit

The maximum nesting depth of any req=set response. If this depth is exceeded, an error is returned.

PS::fvctx.brochureLimit - Brochure Limit

The maximum number of e-catalog brochures in the req=set response which contains all associated metadata. Once this limit is exceeded, any private maps and user data associated with the brochure item are suppressed.

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