Image catalog service

Last update: 2023-11-03
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Use these server settings for the Image catalog service.

CS::catalog.rootPath - Image Catalog Folder

Location of the image catalog folder (where all catalog.ini files must be located). Can be an absolute file path or a path relative to the install_folder. The server continuously monitors this folder and loads or reloads catalogs when a new main catalog file (with .ini file suffix) is detected or when the last modified time of an existing main catalog file has changed.

CS::catalog.cacheRoot - Catalog Cache Folder

The root folder for the catalog system cache. May be set to the same as one of the folders in PS::cache.rootPaths. The folder must be created manually before this setting is changed.

CS::catalog.modificationWaitTime - Catalog File Parsing Delay

Time in msec the catalog service waits after a catalog.ini file is changed until it loads the secondary catalog files. This delay helps ensure that all secondary catalog files are up to date before the catalog service attempts to load them. Integer value in msec.

CS::catalog.refreshInterval - Catalog File Check Frequency

Frequency at which the catalog service checks for changes to image catalogs. Integer value in msec.

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