General Server Settings

TC::PsPort - Main Listening Port

Specifies the main listening port for the Platform Server. This port is also used to access the documentation and example pages for Image Serving, Image Rendering, and the Dynamic Media Viewers (if installed).

IS::CacheServerUrl - Caching Service Root Url

Specifies the HTTP root path to allow the Image Server access to the caching service. Must be set to http://localhost:TC::PsPort /is/cache/secondary, with the port number matching TC::PsPort.

IS::RemoteUrlDefaultExpiration - Remote Image Source Default TTL

The TTL for cached images obtained via HTTP from a remote source using the src={…} construct. Only used when the remote server does not include an Expiration header in its HTTP response. Integer value in seconds.

IS::RemoteUrlTimeout - Remote Image Source Timeout

The time the Image Server will wait for a remote server to deliver the requested image file via HTTP before returning an error. Integer value in seconds.

PS::allowDefaultCatalogRequests - Enable/Disable Default Catalog Requests

Set to false to disallow requests which do not include a valid catalog id in the path. Default is true. When set to false, an error is returned for requests without a catalog id.


req=catalogprops is not subject to this setting.

PS::saveToFile.saveTimeout - File Save Timeout

Default timeout value for req=saveToFile when timeout=is not specified. msec. An error is returned if the save operation is not completed within the specified amount of time.

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