Cache clustering

Use these server settings for cache clustering.

PS::cacheCluster.hosts - Hosts

List of IP addresses, separated by semi-colons. Include the IP addresses of all peer servers from which this host should obtain cache data. The IP address of the local host may be included for convenience; this allows the same configuration settings for all servers in the cluster.

PS::cacheCluster.updateLocalCache - Update Local Cache

Set to ‘Yes’ if a cache entry provided by a peer server should be copied to the local response cache.

PS::cacheCluster.queryTimeout - Query Timeout

When requesting a cache entry from peer servers, the server will wait until one server responds that it has this particular data item, or until all peer servers have responded that they do not have the data item, or until the time specified with this setting (in msec) has expired.

PS::cacheCluster.fetchTimeout - Fetch Timeout

Specifies the maximum number of msec the server will wait for the actual cache data to be delivered from the peer server. If the full data has not been delivered before the timeout expires, the server assumes that the peer has become unavailable. The cache entry is then generated locally.

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