ID translation map. Specifies the rules used for translating generic image ids to locale-specific IDs.

*item**['|' *item*]


locId, locSuffix*[',' locSuffix]


Locale ID (not case sensitive).


Locale suffix.

LocaleMap refers to a locId that can be mapped to any number of locSuffix.

Empty locSuffix values are permitted. locSuffix values must be sorted in the order in which they are to be searched. The first match is returned.

Image Serving searches the locId values for a case-insensitive match with the locale= value specified in the request. If a match is found, the first associated locSuffix value is appended to the original catalog id. If this catalog entry exists it is used, otherwise the next locSuffix value is tried. If none of the locSuffix values matches a catalog entry, Image Serving returns an error or a default image.

An empty locId value matches empty and unknown locale= strings. This allows defining a default rule for unknown locales.

ID translation, when enabled, is applied to all ids referencing image catalog and static contents catalog entries.


One or more items, separated with |, where each item consists of two or more, comma-separated string values. locId and locale= are compared. Not case sensitive.

See also

Localization Support, locale=, attribute::LocaleStrMap

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