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Default response image. Specifies the image or catalog entry to be used in case an image file cannot be found and defaultImage= is not specified in the request.

May be either a catalog entry (including a template) or a relative (to attribute::RootPath) or absolute image file path. Useful for substituting missing images with default images.


Text string. If specified, must be either a valid catalog::Id value in this image catalog or a relative (to attribute::RootPath) or absolute path to an image file accessible by the Image Server.


Foreign image sources are not covered by the default image mechanism; an error is returned if a foreign image source is not valid.


Inherited from default::DefaultImage if not defined. If defined but empty, default image behavior is disabled, even if default::DefaultImage is defined.

See also

attribute::DefaultImageMode , defaultImage=, attribute::RootPath, catalog::Id, attribute::ErrorImage, attribute::DefaultExpiration

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