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Catalog matching option.

A catalog entry is specified as a *rootId*/ *imageId* pair in HTTP requests. When parsing, a catalog is selected if *rootId* matches the attribute::RootId value of the catalog, and the catalog record is identified by matching *imageId* with a catalog::Id value. If a catalog is found, but there is no catalog entry matching *imageId*, the server can do one of two things:

If attribute::FullMatch is not set, the server uses the attributes of the matched catalog. In this case, *rootId* is replaced by attribute::RootPath (or default::RootPath, if not specified in this catalog).

If attribute::FullMatch is set, the server completely ignores the catalog, as if no catalog had been matched, and proceed using default catalog attributes. In this case, *rootId* remains part of the path (which is prepended by default::RootPath).


Flag. Set to 0 for default behavior or to 1 to enable full-match behavior.


Inherited from default::FullMatch if not defined or if empty.

See also

attribute::RootId , catalog::Id

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