Digimarc user info. Specifies the user information for Digimarc embedding.


Five or six comma-separated integer numbers. The third and fourth numbers are no longer used:

creator-id, creator-pin, durability [ , chroma ]

The creator-id and creator-pin are provided by Digimarc when the service is purchased. The unused values should be left empty.

durability specifies the Digimarc watermark embedding strength. It may be 1, 2, 3, or 4, with 1 indicating weakest and 4 strongest durability.

Set chroma to 1 to encode the watermark into the image’s chrominance data or to 0 (default) to encode it into the luminance. This setting is ignored when outputting grayscale images.


Inherited from default::DigimarcId if not defined or if empty.


Specify a test Digimarc creator id with durability set to 4.

DigimarcId= 404407,32,,,4

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