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Client IP address filter. Allows specification of one or more IP addresses or address ranges.

When specified, requests to this image catalog that originates from a client at an unlisted IP address is rejected. localhost is always implicitly part of the ClientAddressFilter definition, even if not explicitly specified. Requests originating from localhost are never rejected, regardless of the ClientAddressFilter specification.


Comma-separated list of IP addresses with optional netmasks (CIDR notation is used):

*ipAddress*[/ *netmask*]*[, *ipAddress*[/ *netmask*]]

  • ipAddress IP address in ddd.ddd.ddd.ddd format

  • netmask net mask (0…32)

This attribute is ignored when a pre-processing rule with an <addressfilter> element is applied.


Inherited from default::AddressFilter if not defined or if empty.


  • No access restrictions:

  • Grant access to all addresses starting with 192:

  • Grant access to the 512 hosts with addresses between and

  • Grant access to a single IP address: or

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