Select object by pixel location.

sel= *x*, *y*[, *level*]


Pick location coordinates in pixels (int, int).


Group level (int).

Selects the group or object at the pixel coordinates specified by x, y and starts a new MSS. If no selectable object is at the pick location, or if the pick location is not valid, the action specified by attribute::OnFailSel is taken.

level Specifies whether to select the outermost group, or drill-down to a nested group or object. If level is not specified, the outermost group is selected. Set to 1 to select one group level below the outermost group. Set to a large number (such as 99) to select the innermost selectable object or group.


Selection command; MSS delimiter. The object selection is persistent until another object is selected, either with obj= or sel=.

x, y Must be in the range 0, 0 (top-left corner of the image) to wid-1, hei-1 (bottom, right corner of the image), where wid and hei is the size of the unscaled vignette view.

If specified, level must be 0 or larger.


None for x, y. level Defaults to 0.

See also

obj= , wid=, hei=, attribute::DefaultPix, attribute::OnFailSel

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