Update field metadata.


Authorized User Types

  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin
  • ImagePortalAdmin


Input (updateMetadataFieldParam)

Parameter name Type Required Description
companyHandle xsd:string Yes Company handle.
fieldHandle xsd:string Yes Metadata field handle.
name xsd:string No Metadata field name.
defaultValue xsd:string No Metadata field value.
isHidden xsd:boolean No Hide or expose IPS system-specific metadata.
isEnforced xsd:boolean


A boolean flag that indicates whether the metadata field is enforced (validated) when the value is set.

If set to true, then a fault is thrown if an illegal value is set in setAssetMetadata / batchSetAssetMetadata.

initialTagValue xsd:string No Lets you create a set of shared enumerated values that selected tags can point to.

Output (updateMetadataFieldReturn)

Name Type Required Description
fieldHandle xsd:string Yes Metadata field handle.


This code sample updates assigns a new name and default value to a metadata field. The response returns a handle to the updated field.


<updateMetadataFieldParam xmlns="http://www.scene7.com/IpsApi/xsd/2008-01-15">


<updateMetadataFieldReturn xmlns="http://www.scene7.com/IpsApi/xsd/2008-01-15">

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