Submits a job to the system.


Authorized User Types

  • IpsUser
  • IpsAdmin
  • TrialSiteAdmin
  • TrialSiteUser
  • ImagePortalAdmin
  • ImagePortalContrib
  • ImagePortalContribUser


Input (submitJobParam)





companyHandle xsd:string Yes

Company handle.

userHandle xsd:string No

Handle to the user who submitted the job.

Note: The system sends email to the user specified by userHandle. If userHandle is not provided, the person who submitted the job receives the emails.

jobName xsd:string Yes

Job name.

locale xsd:string No

The locale used for job log details and email localization.

Locales are specified as <language_code> and [<country_code>], where the language code is a lower-case, two- letter code as specified by ISO-639, and the optional country code is an upper-case, two-letter code as specified by ISO-3166. For example, the locale string for English (United States) would be: en-US.

execTime xsd:dateTime No

Date and time to run the job.

Note: Provide the time zone with the request. Time zones are adjusted to the time zone of the target IPS server.

execSchedule xsd:string No

Determines when to run the job.

Can be a cron string that runs the job on a recurring basis.

The schedule is always relative to the server’s local time zone. See the IPS documentation for the custom schedule format.

description xsd:string No

Job description.

exportJob types:ExportJob No

Export previously uploaded files.

See ExportJob.

imageServingPublishJob types:ImageServingPublishJob No

Details for an image serving publish job.

imageRenderingPublishJob types:ImageRenderingPublishJob No

Details for an image rendering publish job.

videoPublishJob types:VideoPublishJob No

Details for an video publish job.

See VideoPublishJob.

serverDirectoryPublishJob types:ServerDirectoryPublishJob No

Details for an server directory publish job.

uploadDirectoryJob types:UploadDirectoryJob No

Details for an upload directory job.

uploadUrlsJob types:UploadUrlsJob No

Details for an upload URL job.

optimizeImagesJob types:OptimizeImagesJob No

ripPdfsJob types:RipPdfsJob No

reprocessAssetsJob types:ReprocessAssetsJob No

automatedSetGenerationJob types:AutomatedSetGenerationJob No

Process an asset list into sets using Automated Set Scripts.

See AutomatedSetGenerationJob.

Output (submitJobReturn)

Name Type Required Description
jobHandle xsd:string Yes Job handle.


This code sample submits an image serving publish job to IPS and returns a job handle. Choose only one type of job in the request. Because userHandle was omitted, email notifications are sent to the user who submitted the job. This sample job runs immediately because execTime and execSchedule were omitted.


<submitJobParam xmlns="">
   <jobName>My Test Job</jobName>


<submitJobReturn xmlns="">
   <jobHandle>47|My Test Job|</jobHandle>


You can specify at most one of execTime and execSchedule. If neither is passed, the job runs immediately. You can use only one of the following:

  • imageServingPublishJob
  • imageRenderingPublishJob
  • videoPublishJob
  • serverDirectoryPublishJob
  • uploadDirectoryJob
  • uploadUrlsJob

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