Updates the set definition for an existing Asset Set.


Authorized User Types

  • IpsUser
  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin
  • ImagePortalAdmin
  • ImagePortalContrib
  • ImagePortalContribUser


Input (setAssetDefinitionParam)

Name Type Required Description
companyHandle xsd:string Yes The handle to the company with the asset set.
assetHandle xsd:string Yes Asset set handle
setDefinition xsd:string Yes Definition string. See below.

Output (setAssetSetDefinitionReturn)

The IPS API does not return a response for this operation.

setDefinition Parameter: About

setDefinition Functions

Specify setDefinition substitution functions in-line. These are resolved during a catalog lookup or on publication. Substitution strings have the format ${<substitution_func>}, and include the following:


Handle literals in the parameter lists must be surrounded by brackets ([]). The text outside of a substitution string gets copied to the output string during resolution.

Substitution Function Returns the Asset's
getFilePath([ asset_handle ]) Primary file path.
getCatalogd([ asset_handle ]) Catalog ID.
getMetaData([ asset_handle ],[ metadata_field_handle ]) Metadata value.
getThumbCatalogId([ asset_handle ]) Catalog ID. Applies to image-based assets (Image, Adjusted View, Layer View).

For other assets, returns the thumb asset's catalog ID (if any). If no thumb asset is associated with the asset, the function returns an empty string.

setDefinition Examples

This media set definition string:

${getMetadata([a|1036|19|144], [m|1|ASSET|SharedDateField])}

Resolves to the following at lookup or publication time:

1,jcompany/Videos/N08275_flv.flv;jcompany/myimg-1;2;20090703 10:05:53



<setAssetSetDefinitionParam xmlns="">
   ${getCatalogId([a|1664|22|1664])};1,${getFilePath([a|1036|19|144])};${getCatalogId([ a|452|1|433])};
   2;${getMetadata([a1036|19|144], [m|1|ASSET|SharedDateField])}</setDefinition>



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