Sets the permissions of a single asset by using a permission asset.

Assets inherit the permissions of their parent folder by default. Once you set permissions on an asset, it no longer inherits the permissions of its parent unless you call removeAssetPermissions.

Authorized User Types

  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin
  • ImagePortalAdmin


Input (setAssetPermissonsParam)

Name Type Required Description
companyHandle xsd:string Yes The handle to the company that contains the folder you want to work with.
assetHandle xsd:string Yes Folder handle.
permissionArray types:PermissionsUpdateArray Yes Permissions array.

Output (setAssetPermissonsReturn)

The IPS API does not return a response for this operation.


This code sample sets permissions on an asset. It contains the company and asset handle, and a permissions array.


<setAssetPermissionsParam xmlns="">



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