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Creates an image format.


The urlModifier field value must consist of valid XML. For example, change & to &. Get the urlModfier value from the IPS user interface.

Authorized User Types

  • IpsUser
  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin
  • ImagePortalAdmin


Input (saveImageFormatParam)

Name Type Required Description
companyHandle xsd:string Yes The handle to the company with the image format you want to work with.
imageFormatHandle xsd:string No Image format handle you want to save.
name xsd:string Yes Image format name.
urlModifier xsd:string Yes This can be any IPS protocol query string. The easiest way to generate a URL modifier is to create one with the IPS user interface and then cut and paste the query string.

Output (saveImageFormatReturn)

Name Type Required Description
imageFormatHandle xsd:string Yes Handle to the image format.


This code sample creates an image format. In this example, urlModifier was determined by its value in the IPS user interface with a valid HTML format.


<saveImageFormatParam xmlns="">
   <name>My Image Format Name</name>


<saveImageFormatReturn xmlns="">

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