Gets a list of the characters used in a particular field.


Authorized User Types

  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin
  • TrialSiteAdmin
  • ImagePortalAdmin


Input (getUserCharsParam)

Name Type Required Description
charField xsd:string Yes Determines the Trash State to search for.
includeInactive xsd:boolean Yes Include or exclude inactive users. Non-IPS Admin users must be an active member of at least one company to be authorized to make any API calls. An authorization fault is returned if the user has no active company memberships.
includInvalid xsd:boolean No Include or exclude invalid users.
companyHandleArray types:HandleArray No Filter results based on company.
groupHandleArray types:HandleArray No Filters results based on groups.
userRoleArray types:StringArray No Filters results based on user role.
numChars xsd:int No Enable >1 character.

Output (getUserCharsReturn)

Name Type Required Description
userCharsArray types:StringArray Yes An array of character prefixes.


This code sample returns:

  • First characters of the last names of the users of a specific company.
  • A set of groups.
  • A set of user roles.

The User Char Filter Fields string constant determines the type of user characters returned.


<ns1:getUserCharsParam xmlns:ns1="">


<getUserCharsReturn xmlns="">

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