Creates a preset view that determines what a user can see. The viewer can be of any type available in IPS. The preset view is applied when the assets are published.


Authorized User Types

  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin
  • TrialSiteAdmin
  • ImagePortalAdmin


Input (createViewerPresetParam)

Name Type Required Description
companyHandle xsd:string Yes The handle of the company that contains the viewer presets and assets.
folderHandle xsd:string Yes The handle of the folder that contains the assets.
name xsd:string Yes Viewer name.
type xsd:string Yes Viewer type.
configSettingArray types:ConfigSettingArray No An array that contains names, values, and handles of images that you’re applying presets to.

Output (createViewerPresetReturn)

Name Type Required Description
viewerPresetHandle xsd:string Yes Handle of the preset to the viewer.


This code sample creates a video player preset. The response returns a handle to the preset.

<createViewerPresetParam xmlns="">
         <name>Video Bit Rate</name>
         <name>Audio Sample Rate</name>


<createViewerPresetReturn xmlns="">

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