It lets administrators create metadata fields to coordinate with content management systems or for template operations. Examples of created metadata fields include keywords, information about the author of the image, or copyright holder information.


Authorized User Types

  • IpsAdmin


Input (createMetadataFieldParam)

Parameter name Type Required Description
companyName xsd:string Yes The name of the company that the metadata field belongs to.
assetType xsd:string Yes Asset type.
name xsd:string Yes Name of the metadata field that you are creating.
fieldType xsd:string Yes Metadata field type.

The metadata field types constant defines the available types.

defaultValue xsd:string No

The default value of the metadata field to be created (for example, Scene 7).

Default values are not supported for tag field types and must be omitted. If a non-empty default is specified for a tag field type, a fault is returned.

isHidden xsd:boolean No Hide or expose IPS system-specific metadata.
isEnforced xsd:boolean


A boolean flag that indicates whether the metadata field is enforced (validated) when the value is set.

If set to true, then a fault is thrown if an illegal value is set in setAssetMetadata / batchSetAssetMetadata.

initialTagValue xsd:string No It lets you create a set of shared specific values that selected tags can point to.

Output (createMetadataFieldReturn)

Name Type Required Description
fieldHandle xsd:string Yes The handle to the new metadata field.


This code sample creates a string type metadata field called createMetadataField. The response returns the handle to the new metadata field.


<createMetadataFieldParam xmlns="">


<createMetadataFieldReturn xmlns="">

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