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Checks if a user with a specific company (identified by handle), email address, and password can log in.


If the company handle is omitted, this method checks the login of the default user.

Authorized User Types

  • IpsUser
  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin
  • TrialSiteAdmin
  • TrialSiteUser
  • ImagePortalAdmin
  • ImagePortalUser
  • ImagePortalContrib
  • ImagePortalContribUser


Input (checkLoginParam)

Name Type Required Description
companyHandle xsd:string No The handle to the company that contains the user.
email xsd:string Yes The user’s email address.
password xsd:string Yes The user’s password.

Output (checkLoginParam)

Name Type Required Description
status xsd:string Yes User’s log in status.


This sample code uses a company handle parameter, email address, and a password to determine if a user can log in to IPS. If the user can log in, this method returns the string, ValidLogin. If the user cannot log in, this method returns the string, InvalidLogin.


<ns1:checkLoginParam xmlns:ns1="">


<ns1:checkLoginReturn xmlns:ns1="">

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