Forwards the supplied list of URLs to the Dynamic Media CDN (Content Distribution Network) provider to invalidate their existing cache of HTTP responses.

cdnCacheInvalidation: About

CDN cache invalidation forces all HTTP requests for these URLs to be revalidated against the current published data on the Dynamic Media network after this invalidation request is processed through the CDN network. Any URLs that are not connected to the Dynamic Media service URL structure and directly matching the Dynamic Media company root ID assigned when the company is created will result in an API fault for the entire request. Any invalid URLs that the CDN does not support that it considers invalid will also result in an API fault for the entire request.

Frequency of Use: Rules

The rules governing the frequency of the use of this feature are controlled by Dynamic Media’s CDN partners. The CDN retains the discretion to degrade the responsiveness of these invalidations to maintain optimum performance of its service to its users. Should Dynamic Media be notified of overuse of this feature we will need to resort to disabling the feature on either a per company basis or entirely across the service.

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails from the Dynamic Media CDN partner can be sent to the list’s creator or up to 5 other email addresses. The API sends the confirmation when the entire CDN network has been notified that the URLs referenced in the email have been cleared. A single call to cdnCacheInvalidation can send multiple emails if the number of URLs supplied exceed the number that Dynamic Media can deliver to the CDN partner on a single notification. Currently, that would be if the request exceeds 100 URLs, but is subject to change based at the request of the CDN partner.

Supported Since


Authorized User Types

  • IpsAdmin
  • IpsCompanyAdmin


Input ( cdnCacheInvalidationParam)

Name Type Required Description




The handle to the company connected with the URLs to invalidate.




List of up to 1000 URLs to invalidate from the CDN cache. All URLS must contain the Dynamic Media company root ID to be invalidated.

Output( cdnCacheInvalidationReturn)

Name Type Required Description




A handle referencing the purge request.

The cdnCacheInvalidation API now invalidates the cache almost immediately (~5 seconds). As such, polling for invalidation status is generally no longer required.




Estimated seconds to completion of the purge request. Clients should wait for this time before polling status.


This example requests four URLs to be invalidated in the CDN cache. The response contains summary counts of the success of the operations and a list of error details supplied directly from the CDN to assist the client in use of this feature.

getCdnCacheInvalidationStatus operation.


<cdnCacheInvalidationParam xmlns="">


<cdnCacheInvalidationReturn xmlns="">

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