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Uploads files from specified server directories on a recurring basis.






autoColorOptions types:AutoColorOptions

Automatic image crop options (based on color).

autoSetCreationOptions types:AutoSetCreateOptions

Array of automatic set generation scripts to apply to uploaded files.

autoTransparentCropOptions types:AutoTransparentCropOptions

Removes white space from the edges of images, based on transparency.

colorManagementOptions types:ColorManagementOptions

Options that you can specify during an upload. The set affects how the color is managed for the upload.

createMask xsd:boolean

Whether to create a mask when uploading.

destFolder xsd:string

IPS folder for the files.

emailSetting xsd:string

Choice of email settings.

illustratorOptions types:IllustratorOptions

Options for uploading Illustrator files to the image server.

includeSubfolders xsd:string

Whether to include subfolders when uploading.

inDesignOptions types:InDesignOptions

Options for uploading InDesign files to the server.

knockoutBackground types:KnockoutBackgroundOptions

Mask the background for selected images. This lets you overlay them in other layers with a transparency outside of subject image.


See KnockoutBackgroundOptions.

manualCropOptions types:ManualCropOptions

Manual image crop options.

mediaOptions types:MediaOptions

Options that let you set a thumbnail image from the video.

See MediaOptions.

overwrite xsd:string

File upload overwrite options.

pdfOptions types:PDFOptions

Options for uploading PDF files to the image server.

photoshopOptions types:PhotoshopOptions

Options for uploading Photoshop files to the image server.

postHttpUrl xsd:string

The URL of the file upload destination.

postImageRenderingPublish Job types:ImageRendingPublishJob

Details for an image rendering publish job that runs after the upload is complete.

postImageServingPublishJob types:ImageServingPublishJob

Details for an image serving publish job that runs after the upload is complete.

postJobOnlyIfFiles xsd:boolean

Whether to upload only files.

postScriptOptions types:PostScriptOptions

Options for uploading Post Script files to the image server.

postVideoPublishJob types:VideoPublishJob

Details for a video publish job that runs after the upload is complete.

preserveCrop xsd:boolean

Controls preservation of any existing crop definition. Defaults to true.

preservePublishState xsd:boolean

Controls whether the publish state of an existing asset is preserved when overwriting. If not set, the company default setting is used.

processMetadataFiles xsd:string

Whether to process separate metadata XML files for this job.

projectHandleArray types:HandleArray

Array of project handles.

readyForPublish xsd:boolean

Determines if files are marked ready for publishing.

serverDir xsd:string

Source upload directory.

unCompressOptions types:UnCompressOptions

Extract and process the contents of uploaded TAR/ZIP files with these optional settings.

See UnCompressOptions.

unsharpMaskOptions types:UnsharpMaskOptions

Options that let you control unsharp mask settings when creating an optimized pyramid TIF file. Use these settings to help improve image sharpness.

See UnsharpMaskOptions.



An additional metadata option for everything in the upload job


For CropOptions, you can choose only one of the following:

  • manualCropOptions
  • autoColorCropOptions
  • autoTransparentCropOptions

For PublishJob, you can choose only one of the following:

  • postImageServingPublishJob
  • postImageRenderingPublishJob
  • postvideoPublishJob

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