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Task progress information.



Name Type Description
taskType xsd:string Task type description.
numProcessed xsd:int Number of task items already processed.
numProcessing xsd:int Number of task items currently in process.
numPending xsd:int Number of pending task items (not yet processed).
progress xsd:double % progress (range 0.0 - 1.0).
progressMessage xsd:string Progress message.
lastProgressUpdate xsd:dateTime Time the last progress information was last updated.
taskItemProgressArray types:TaskItemProgressArray Array of task items.
taskState xsd:string Values include:
  • Unknown: When the task monitor transitions between states.
  • New: Task monitor has been created but has not accepted tasks yet.
  • Processing: Task monitor is actively processing tasks.
  • Stopping: Task monitor is stopping a job because of a stop job request.
  • Done: Jobs assigned to the task monitor jobs have been completed.
  • Failed: Indicates a fatal error.

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