A system field search condition for the searchAssets operation.

For unary compares, pass exactly one value ( boolVal, longVal, doubleVal, or dateVal) depending on the system field type. For search ranges, pass min<Type> and max<Type> parameters and pass an op value of Between or NotBetween.


Name Type Description
*field* xsd:string Choice of Asset Search System Fields.
*op* xsd:string Choice of String Comparison Operators.
*value* xsd:string Value to test against.
*boolVal* xsd:boolean Boolean comparison value.
*longVal* xsd:long Long comparison value.
*minLong* xsd:long Lower boundary of long range.
*maxLong* xsd:long Upper boundary of long range.
*doubleVal* xsd:double Double comparison value.
*minDouble* xsd:double Lower boundary of double range.
*maxDouble* xsd:double Upper boundary of double range.
*dateVal* xsd:dateTime Date comparison value.
*minDate* xsd:dateTime Date range minium.
*maxDate* xsd:dateTime Date range maximum.



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