Image location coordinates returned by the getPhotoshopPath operation.



Name Type Description
*x0* xsd:double Upper left x-axis coordinate.
*y0* xsd:double Upper left y-axis coordinate.
*x1* xsd:double Upper right x-axis coordinate.
*y1* xsd:double Upper right y-axis coordinate.
*x2* xsd:double Lower right x-axis coordinate.
*y2* xsd:double Lower right y-axis coordinate.
*x3* xsd:double Lower left x-axis cooridnate.
*y3* xsd:double Lower left y-axis coordinate.


The PerspectiveQuad type returns data in this order:

<complexType name="PerspectiveQuad">
            <element name="x0" type="xsd:double"/>
            <element name="y0" type="xsd:double"/>
            <element name="x1" type="xsd:double"/>
            <element name="y1" type="xsd:double"/>
            <element name="x2" type="xsd:double"/>
            <element name="y2" type="xsd:double"/>
            <element name="x3" type="xsd:double"/>
            <element name="y3" type="xsd:double"/>

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