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User-defined field definitions for specific assets.

Retrieve tag field definitions with the getMetadataFields or getAssetMetadataField operations.


Name Type Description
fieldHandle xsd:string Metadata field handle.
name xsd:string Metadata field name.
type xsd:string Metadata field type.
defaultValue xsd:string Default value for the metadata field.
isRequired xsd:boolean Sets required status.
isUserDefined xsd:boolean Determines if the metadata field is defined by the user or not.
isHidden xsd:boolean Hide or expose IPS system-specific metadata. Returned from getMetadataFields and getAssetMetadataFields.
isEnforced xsd:boolean

A boolean flag that indicates whether the metadata field type is enforced (validated) when the value is set.

If set to true, then a fault is thrown if an illegal value is set in setAssetMetadata / batchSetAssetMetadata.

initialTagValue xsd:string It lets you create a set of shared specified values that selected tags can point to.

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