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The job log after the job has run.



Name Type Description
companyHandle xsd:string Company handle.
jobHandle xsd:string Job handle.
jobName xsd:string Job name.
originalJobName xsd:string The original name submitted for the job with submitJob.
submitUserEmail xsd:string The email address of the user who submitted the job.
logType xsd:string Choice of job log types.
jobSubType xsd:string Additional job information.
startDate xsd:dateTime The start date, time, and time zone of the job.
endDate xsd:dateTime The end date, time, and time zone of the job.
description xsd:string A description of the job as originally specified in submitJob.
fileSuccessCount xsd:int Number of files successfully processed.
fileErrorCount xsd:int Number of files that caused an error.
fileWarningCount xsd:int Number of files that generated a warning.
fileDuplicateCount xsd:int Number of duplicate files.
fileUpdateCount xsd:int Number of files updated.
totalFileCount xsd:int Number of files processed by the logged job.
transferSuccessCount xsd:int Number of successful transfers.
transferErrorCount xsd:int Number of transfer errors.
transferWarningCount xsd:int Number of transfer warnings.
fatalError xsd:boolean Whether the job generated a fatal error.
detailTotalRows xsd:int The total number of rows matching the query, which may be larger than the size of detailArray due to page size limits.
detailArray types:JobLogDetailArray The array of details about the logged job.

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