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Properties of an image asset.






originalPath xsd:string

Relative path to the original file.

originalFile xsd:string

File name.

optimizedPath xsd:string

Path to the IPS-optimized image file.

optimizedFile xsd:string

The IPS-optimized image file.

maskPath xsd:string

Path of the mask of the image.

maskFile xsd:string

Filename of the mask.

width xsd:int

Image width in pixels.

height xsd:int

Image height in pixels.

fileSize xsd:int

Image size in bytes.

resolution xsd:double

Pixels per inch.

sku xsd:string

Product ID.

description xsd:string

Image description.

comments xsd:string

Comments (deprecated).

userData xsd:string

User information associated with the image (deprecated).

anchorX xsd:int

Horizontal anchor point in pixels.

anchorY xsd:int

Vertical anchor point in piexels.

urlModifier xsd:string

Image server URL parameter.

urlPostApplyModifier xsd:string

Parameters concatenated to the end of the urlModifier. Query string format list of parameters that are commands to the image server. Values are in the image server protocol guide.

zoomTargets types:ZoomTargetArray

Array of zoom targets (5 max).

masks types:MaskArray

Masks array.

imageMaps types:ImageMapsArray

Image maps array.

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