Group files into sets using an asset handle list array.



Name Type Description
assetHandleArray types:HandleArray An array of asset handles used to create the set.

By default, 1000 is the maximum number of assets you can have in the array.

destFolder xsd:string Path to the folder where you want to save the sets. Saves to company root folder by default.
readyForPublish xsd:boolean Sets a flag to indicate if the assets should be published or not.
autoSetCreationOptions types:AutoSetCreationOptions An array of set generation scripts you can run on the uploaded files. See AutoSetCreationOptions
emailSetting xsd:string

Set up an automated email notification for the job.

emailSetting Options

The emailSetting parameter includes the following options:

Option Returns
All All job notifications (errors, warnings, completion) to the specified recipient.
Error Job errors to the specified recipient.
ErrorAndWarning Job errors and warnings to the specified recipient.
JobCompletion A job completion notification to the specified recipient.
None The job does not send any job notifications to the specified recipient.


<complexType name="AutomatedSetGenerationJob">
    <element name="assetHandleArray" type="types:HandleArray"/>
    <element name="destFolder" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0"/>
    <element name="readyForPublish" type="xsd:boolean"/>
    <element name="autoSetCreationOptions" type="types:AutoSetCreationOptions"/>
    <element name="emailSetting" type="xsd:string"/>

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