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An object or container in the folder hierarchy.



Name Type Description
animatedGifInfo types:AnimatedGifInfo Details about an animated GIF file.
assetHandle xsd:string Asset handle.
assetSetInfo Code Phrase
cabinetInfo types:CabinetInfo Properties for a cabinet asset type.
created xsd:dateTime Date and time the asset was uploaded.
createUser xsd:string Email address of the user who created the asset.
cssInfo types:CssInfo Details about a CSS file.
cuePointInfo Code Phrase
excelInfo Code Phrase
fileName xsd:string Returns the virtual filename. The full virtual file path is folder+ fileName.
flashInfo Code Phrase
folder xsd:string Folder that contains an asset.
folderHandle xsd:string Handle to the asset's parent folder.
fontInfo type:fontInfo Properties for a font asset.
iccProfileInfo types:IccProfileInfo Properties for an ICC profile asset.
illustratorInfo Code Phrase
imageInfo types:ImageInfo Properties for an image asset.
inDesignInfo Code Phrase
ipsImageUrl xsd:string Relative URL representing a thumbnail view of the asset.
javascriptInfo types:JavascriptInfo Details about a JavaScript file.
lastModified xsd:dateTime Date and time the asset was last modified.
lastModifyUser xsd:string Email address of the user who last modified the asset.
layerViewInfo types:LayerViewInfo Properties for a layer view asset.
maskInfo Code Phrase
masterVideoInfo Code Phrase
metadataArray types:MetadataArray Array of metadata values associated with the asset.
name xsd:string Asset name.
pdfInfo Code Phrase
pdfSettingsInfo types:PdfSettingsInfo Properties of a PDF settings asset.
permissions Code Phrase
postScriptInfo Code Phrase
powerPointInfo Code Phrase
premiereExpressInfo Code Phrase
projects xsd:string List of project names.
psdInfo Code Phrase
readyForPublish xsd:boolean Sets a flag to indicate if an asset should be published or not.
renderSceneInfo types:RenderSceneInfo Properties of a render scene asset.
rtfInfo Code Phrase
subType xsd:string Generic asset subtype that supports subtype values (for example, AssetSet).
svgInfo types:SvgInfo Properties of an SVG asset.
swcInfo types:SwcInfo Properties of an SWC asset.
templateInfo types:TemplateInfo Properties of a template asset.
trashState xsd:string Indicates if an asset is in the trash or live (see "Trash State" for values).
type xsd:string Asset type. See Asset Types for values.
videoCaptionInfo types:VideoCaptionInfo

Properties of a video caption asset.

videoInfo Code Phrase

Properties of a video asset.

viewerPresetInfo types:ViewerPresetInfo Properties of a viewer preset asset.
viewerSwfInfo types:ViewerSwfInfo Properties of a viewer SWf asset.
vignetteInfo types:VignetteInfo Properties of a vignette asset.
watermarkInfo types:WatermarkInfo Properties of a watermark asset.
windowCoveringInfo types:WindowCoveringInfo Properties of a window covering asset.
wordInfo Code Phrase
xmlInfo types:XmlInfo Properties of an XML asset.
xslInfo types:XslInfo Properties of an XSL asset.
zipInfo Code Phrase

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