Metadata search results that contain summarized information about an asset.



Name Type Description
*assetHandle* xsd:string Asset handle.
*type* xsd:string Asset type. The “Asset Types” constant defines the possible values. Optional.
*name* xsd:string Asset name. Optional.
*folder* xsd:string The folder that contains the asset.
*filename* xsd:string Asset’s file name.
*created* xsd:dateTime Asset creation date.
*createUser* xsd:string The user who created the asset.
*lastModified* xsd:dateTime The date that the asset was last updated.
*lastModifyUser* xsd:string The last user who modified the asset.
*metadataArray* types:MetadataArray Array of metadata values associated with the asset.
*score* xsd:double Defines the precision in case of a similarity search (0 = no match, 1 = exact match).
*scoreDetail* xsd:string Holds detailed information about similar areas as a result of a similarity search.

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