Deleting an uploaded asset

You can use the delete parameter in this format to delete an asset:

The following is an example of a response when an image asset is deleted:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> 
            <serviceName>User Generated Content - Images</serviceName> 
            <title>Delete request for1442564.tif</title> 
            <message>Your file was successfully deleted</message> 

You can use the following fields in the URL query string to delete an asset:

URL parameter Required/optional Value
op Required delete
shared_secret Required The shared-secret key for the company.
  • For images:image_name
  • For Vector:fxg_name
Required Name of the asset to delete.

Sample image URL:

Sample vector URL: ca595f6d2b47& &fxg_name=8875744.fxg

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