Quick Start: Adobe Target Standard/Premium integration

Adobe Target Standard/Premium puts control directly in the hands of marketers to quickly and continually run multiple A/B and multivariate tests, measure effectiveness, and increase relevance of online content through segmentation, targeting, and automated personalization.

Dynamic Media Classic lets you create offers and offer sets for Target Standard/Premium campaigns. For example, you can create an offer set with three variations of the same rich media asset. Then you can have Target Standard/Premium determine which asset provides better conversion lift. You can create offers and offer sets from a Basic Template or from individual images. After the offer set is pushed or saved to Adobe Target Standard/Premium, where the offers are associated with mboxes and experiences, Target Standard/Premium can run campaigns to determine which variation of a website is likely to perform best for click-throughs and conversion.

For greater customization of dynamic Dynamic Media Classic content, use Target Standard/Premium HTML offers. See the Target Standard/Premium product documentation for more information.


A valid Adobe Target Standard/Premium account is required to use Target Standard/Premium with Dynamic Media Classic.

Quick Start

This Quick Start is designed to get you up and running quickly with Target Standard/Premium HTML offer sets. Follow steps 1 through 3. After each step is a cross-reference to a topic heading where you can find more information.

1. Enter your Adobe Target Standard/Premium URL in the Application General Settings screen.

Dynamic Media Classic needs your Target Standard/Premium URL to integrate with Target Standard/Premium. Copy the portion of your Target Standard/Premium URL up to and including .com, and enter it in the Dynamic Media Classic Application General Settings screen. See Integrating Dynamic Media Classic with Target Standard/Premium.

2. Create the offer set

Use a parameterized template or images to create an offer set. You create HTML offer sets on the Test&Target Offer Set screen. To open this screen, select your template or images, and click Build > Test&Target Offer Set.

To create an offer with a template, click Add & Preview. On the Add & Preview screen, change parameter values.

To create an offer with images, drag images into the Test&Target Offer Set screen. Click Preview to choose an Image Preset for an image or all the images in the offer set.

Save the offer set after you create it.

See Creating an offer set.

3. Push the offer set to Adobe Target Standard/Premium

In the Test&Target Offer Set screen, click Push Offers, and enter your login credentials in the Test&Target Login dialog box. See Pushing offer sets to Target Standard/Premium.

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