Viewing assets in the Browse panel

You can change your view of assets in the Browse Panel by selecting a View button:

  • Grid view
    Select the Grid View button to see assets in thumbnail form in a grid. In Grid view, you can drag the Thumbnail slider to change the size of the thumbnail images.

  • List view
    Select the List View button to see assets in a list. The list tells you the name, type, creation date, and last-modification date of each asset. Depending on the type of asset you are working with, you get other information as well. For example, you can see the dimensions and file size of an image.

  • Detail view
    Select an asset, and then select the Detail View button to examine the asset in Detail view. You can also double-click an asset or select it and choose File > Details to see it in Detail view. If your administrator has specified the Show URL preference, URLs appear for all assets in Detail view; however, the URLs are only active once the asset has been published.


You can select a default view for the Browse Panel and make the panel work to your specifications. See Personal Setup.*

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