Uploading the PDF files

Typically, Adobe PDF files are the source for an eCatalog; these files contain all image information as well as fonts and vector graphics. You can build an eCatalog with images as well. After you have prepared your PDF files for uploading, select the Upload button on the Global Navigation bar to begin uploading the PDFs.

Preparing your PDF files

Prepare your PDF files before uploading them to Dynamic Media Classic:

  • Place all the files in the same folder on your computer or network to make uploading the files easier.

  • Name the files in alphanumeric order by page. Ordering the pages will make it easier to place the pages in the proper order after the files are uploaded.

  • Examine the PDF pages to see whether they contain crop marks, registration targets, or color bars. These marks determine where to cut the paper when documents are printed; they must be removed before your eCatalog is placed on the web. Dynamic Media Classic provides options for cropping marks when you upload PDF files.

  • If you want viewers to search your eCatalog by keyword, find out whether your PDF files are “flattened.” You cannot extract search words from flattened PDF files. To find out whether a PDF is flattened, try to select text inside it. If you can’t select text, the PDF is flattened and viewers cannot search by keyword in your eCatalog.

  • Because they are meant to be printed, PDF files usually contain CMYK images. By default, Dynamic Media Classic can intelligently detect these CMYK images and convert them using an internal CMYK color profile. However, if you want to use a custom color profile to convert CMYK images, you can do so.

    See ICC profiles.

Best practice PDF upload options

For detailed information about the different upload methods, see Uploading your files.

Select the files you want to upload, and then select these best practice PDF Options:

  • Crop
    Select the Crop menu and choose Manual if the pages contain crop marks, registration marks, or other marks. Enter the number of pixels to crop from the top, right, bottom, and left sides of pages. Crop marks are usually set to a half-inch margin. Assuming that you choose 150 as the pixel-per-inch resolution (the recommended setting), entering 75, 75, 75, 75 in the Top, Right, Bottom, and Left text boxes crops a half inch from the margins (at 150 ppi, half of one inch equals 75 pixels).

  • Processing
    Select the Processing menu and choose Rasterize. The PDF file must be rasterized so that all pages and images can be displayed in the eCatalog.

  • Extract Search Words (optional)
    Select this option if you want your viewers to be able to search by keyword in your eCatalog.

  • Auto-Generate eCatalog from multiple page PDF (optional)
    Select this option to automatically create an eCatalog when you upload. You can go straight to the eCatalog screen and begin working on your eCatalog without having to first select PDF files and select the Build command. The eCatalog is named after your PDF file.

  • Resolution
    Dynamic Media Classic recommends 150 pixels per inch.

  • Colorspace
    Dynamic Media Classic recommends choosing Detect Automatically. Usually, PDFs created for print output are in CMYK; PDFs for online viewing are RGB. If a PDF uses both color spaces, you can select a specific color space by choosing Force As RGB or Force As CMYK. PDFs use both color spaces, for example, when page graphics use a CMYK color space but pictures use RGB. If you uploaded an ICC profile, its name appears on the Colorspace menu and you can choose it there.

    See ICC profiles.

  • Color Profile
    Choose a Color Profile option:

  • Convert To SRGB
    Converts to SRGB (Standard Red Green Blue). SRGB is the recommended color space for displaying images on web pages.

  • Keep Original Color Space
    Retains the original color space.

  • Custom From > To
    Opens menus so you can choose a Convert From and Convert To color space. You can choose a standard Photoshop color space or a color space you uploaded to Dynamic Media Classic.

See ICC profiles.


For details on all PDF options, see PDF upload options.

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