Tools let you quickly integrate Adobe Experience Cloud solutions on your site. Tools go beyond a basic tag because they provide additional configuration options. A tool corresponds to Adobe solutions, such as Analytics and Target, as well as Google Analytics. After you add a tool to a property, it is available for inclusion in a rule.

Dashboard > <Company_> > <Web Property Name> > Overview

Installed tools

Displays the installed tools. Tools are deployments of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Google Universal Analytics, and so on.

Add a tool

Displays the Add a Tool page. Available tools include the following:

Add a tag

You can access rules to add a tag and to determine when your tag will fire. You open the third-party tags section of your rule, paste your tag, and save the rule.

See Rules.

Assigned users

Displays users, email addresses, and roles. Click Manage Users to add additional users and define their roles.

See Users and Permissions.

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