Set up actions to trigger

Set up actions that you want the condition to trigger.

After setting up the condition, you must set up the actions that you want the condition to trigger. These actions can include Analytics events, third-party tags, and custom scripts. This example describes how to set up scripts or third-party tags.

Beyond integrated tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, Dynamic Tag Management can trigger any type of JavaScript or inject HTML into your site, in select pages or in specific scenarios.

Each rule can trigger as many scripts or HTML injections as you want.


Because DTM allows you to inject custom code into your page, please take care not to create cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities (see OWASP’s guide for more info). Using data elements within a script requires particular attention. Always assume data element values might come from an untrusted source.

To set up actions for the condition to trigger

  1. Click JavaScript / Third Party Tags to add a new script to your rule.

  2. Click Add New Script.

  3. Name the script.

  4. Specify how you want the script to trigger, and paste the desired content into the text area.

  5. Click Save Code, and the script will be added to the queue for the rule.

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