Search Discovery plugins

Adobe has partnered with Search Discovery to offer additional plugins to help you with debugging tasks and to help you set up and configure other products.


Search Discovery is the creator of the plugins mentioned in this topic. Contact Search Discovery for support issues for these plugins. This topic contains information about the plugins currently offered. See the Search Discovery website for an updated list.

DTM Switch plugins for debugging (Chrome and Firefox)

DTM Switch is a browser plugin for easy switching of debug mode and staging mode for Dynamic Tag Management users. It is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


The Chrome and Firefox plugins are early unsigned versions and are provided on an “as is” basis with no additional support from Adobe. You can also manually set the debugger and switch between libraries via the Dynamic Tag Management web console.

WordPress plugin

  • Easily set up and configure WordPress using Dynamic Tag Management. This plugin installs the necessary DTM code on your WordPress site.
  • Download the WordPress plugin at

Video Tracking plugin

  • Easily track analytics across all popular video sites and send this data to your analytics tools.
  • Contact Search Discovery for more information and to obtain this tool.

Drupal plugin

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