Mbox Parameters

Information to help you pass parameters with mbox calls to Adobe Target.

Parameters can be passed with mbox calls to provide rich data to your Target implementation for segmentation and targeting. This section shows you how to enrich your implementation via DTM.

Adding Parameters to the Auto-Generated Global Mbox

  1. On the Target Tool settings page (click the gear icon next to the Adobe Target tool on the Overview page of your property), then expand the Global Parameters section:

  2. Enter the name and value of the parameter(s) you’d like to add to the auto-created global mbox.

    • These global parameters work only with the auto-created global mbox, generated by mbox.js.
    • Using single or double quotes (’ or ") are not allowed in the Name field.
    • Type % into the value box to auto-suggest any data elements that you’ve already defined.
  3. When you’re done defining each global mbox parameter, click Add.

  4. Click Save Changes.

Adding Parameters to the Auto-Generated Global Mbox on Specific Pages

If you want to only include global parameters on specific pages, you can set up a page load rule and add specific global parameters that will fire only with that page-load rule. A common example of this is with a Recommendations implementation where you want to pass entity parameters only on your product details pages.


When a specific page loads, if you have both global mbox parameters set up for all pages and global mbox parameters set up within page- load rules, both sets of parameters are added to the mbox request.

  1. Begin by creating a page-load rule. Or use an existing rule.

    See the first four steps in Wrapping Mboxes for instructions on creating a new page-load rule.

  2. Expand the Adobe Target section and enter your global mbox parameter name(s) and value(s) in the Global Mbox Parameters section. Leave the rest of the fields in the section as is.

  3. Click Add after entering the information for each parameter.

  4. Click Save Rule.

Using the DTM Interface for DTM-Placed Wrapping Mboxes

For DTM-placed wrapping mboxes, the user interface provides an intuitive, marketer-friendly way to add dynamic mbox parameters.

See Wrapping Mboxes.

Using the mboxParameters() Function for Every Mbox Call

The mboxParameters() function allows you to automatically append parameters to every mbox call. The function is editable on the Setup > Implementation > Edit Mbox.js Settings > Code page. Make your changes, save, and export the updated library in DTM. Be sure to always return something with this function—even if just empty quotes.

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