Global Mbox

Information about creating a global mbox using dynamic tag management.

For most Target customers, your main mbox is automatically included in your mbox.js file. If you need an Order Confirmation mbox to track orders, see Order Confirmation Mbox.

Dynamic tag management is great for placing a top-of-page, empty mbox globally across every page of your site. This type of mbox can be used in both the Target Classic and the new Target user interfaces.

In the Target interface, on the Setup > Implementation > Edit Mbox.js Settings page, ensure that the Auto Create Global Mbox option is enabled. When you import the library into DTM using one of the automatic options, it will contain all of the settings from the Target UI.

For more information about the automatic options, see:

Be sure to update the Adobe Target Tool in DTM after making any changes to these settings. For more information, see Update the Adobe Target Tool.

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